A three year long apprenticeship in both subjects as a blacksmith and as a woodsculptor builds my base as a craftsman. The following art studies in munich initiated a separation of the classical sculptural aesthetics and so from now on I devoted myself to fine art. In this case my base as a craftsman helped me all the way through.

I´m particularly interested in areas with a strong dominance of its own.
In my concepts for locations like this I do work either with or against architecture. Often the room itself tells me what to do. With my installative interventions I do open up a new way of looking at the room for the spectator. Views, that initiate feelings that can be very strong especially
with the interactive installations. Sometimes irritating, the works demand
a second look, which can then be but the more sustainable. Creating these spaces newly, sketches, drawings, models, collages and paintings or photographic works develop, they are their own media after all. The relatively smaller work such as smallplastic and sculpture are another focus in my work.

What impresses me about Andreas Feist´s installation art
is not just the execution of his subject but the mind he brings
to it. He thinks and draws on paper first, but it goes beyond that:
his vision for a piece comes from his whimsy, respect for craft,
deep creative exploration drawn subtly from life experience,
problem solving, and an unwavering commitment to art itself.

Kathy Evans, Mill Valley/Marin County, CA.

Andreas Feist Portrait